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英会話講師メッセージ 2013年11月


京都大学 Gerard <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

I am patient in teaching students of various levels of learning abilities. I am also good at varying my teaching style in order to adopt to the needs of my students.



東京文化大学 Cristina <英会話スカイプレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

Not to be shy and practice the language you want to learn. From my experience, Japanese people have a good level of English language but are very shy to speak it. Ganbatte kudasai!



広島大学 Ilia <英会話スカイプレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

私は明るい性格で、誰とでもすぐなれる人間です。 ギターもできますので、授業のとき、みんなで英語の歌を歌うことが可能です。英語は楽しみながら学ぶのが一番です!

I am cheerful and out going. Also, as I play guitar, it is possible to sing English songs together during the lesson. Having fun is the best way of learning English!

九工大 Zilia <英会話スカイプレッスン 英会話ホームレッスン>

私の経験から英会話がうまくできるためには不可欠なものが三つあります; がんばること、忍耐、あとは練習です。しかし、最初に必要なことは、英会話を話そうとする努力と気持ちです。だから、一緒に努力して英会話を話しましょう!

From my experience, three things are essential in order to be able to speak English; patience, hard work and practice. But before all that you need to try and to want to speak English. So, let's make the effort together and try to speak English!


東工大 Zhara <英会話スカイプレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

In order to master English the main key is to practicing and never feel shy of making mistakes. English is your second language therefore nobody expects you to be perfect, all you have to do is your best. Enjoy learning English!


千葉大学 Anneab <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

I understand difficulties of learning another language, and I realize that if you want to improve that language, you have to USE it! So, let me help you improve your English by being a conversation-friend!



立教大学 Urszula <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

Don't be afraid to speak! Even if you don't know a right word, try to say it in a different way. Don't be afraid that you will make mistake. Your mistakes help you learn. I'm here to help you!!


東京大学 Docot <英会話スカイプレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

Like all learning other languages, learning English is a process. The best way to be good at it is to involve yourself in the soul of the language. You should be able to like and enjoy it. Learning would be a lot easier by having fun. Watch movies in English, listen to music, and read books. These activities will make learning easier. And of course, you have fun while you learn.



東京外大 Ouel <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

Learning English is not difficult. Don't be shy, speak even if you make mistakes. We learn from our mistakes. Don't give up, there is nothing impossible for human beings.


福岡ELT Shazmina <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

English is not a subject but it is a tool for understanding better the culture of other nations.



九州大学 Ivona <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

English is not a difficult language at all, especially for Japanese people who already have so many foreign words in their language. As a general rule, remember that practice makes a man perfect. The more you speak English, the more proficient you will become in this language. While speaking, try to concentrate at communicating your thoughts to the listener, rather than at grammar or sentence pattern. While listening, try to observe the sentence pattern of the speaker and learn new words. It is better to make a dictionary of your own where you can record newly learned words.






東京学芸大学 Ioana <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

It is important to work activity during the classes and to prepare some dialogues at home. Don't be afraid to make faults and use your imagination while you improvise new dialogues. It is a good exercise to watch English movies at home to get used to the language and learn to understand.



神戸大学 Mary <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Learning always begins with trying. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. One can only improve his or her language ability with the genuine interest to learn and through practice. There are different ways of making practice sessions more exciting and more effective. Reading magazines, watching TV, having casual conversations, acting, singing or other activities using the English language can be used to conform to individual preferences and needs.


九州大学 Angelica <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Try to read more in English, starting from simple illustrated books because visual memory gives us the first step for discovering the way of learning English. Watch movies in English and with English subtitles / never Japanese subtitles / as much as you can. It helps you to improve your listening skill. If you are interested in music, listen to the song you like, try to catch the words and sing loudly / you can find the lyrics on the internet/. Pronunciation might be get better as long as you sing your favorite songs together with your favorite singers.



九州大学 Stefany <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

Learning English makes you able to communicate with most people all over the world.

Like English you can learn it.

Don't worry to make mistakes we all do mistakes.




名工大 Azfar <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Try to use English as much as you can everyday. Find someone who is good at English and try to have conversations in English as often as you can. Other than that, you can also watch English movies or listen to English songs. By doing this, you an pick up on slang or phrases. Moreover, learning English could be more enjoyable.




九州大学 Muhkji <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

First of all, you should get over your fears and other embarrassment that are not letting you talk freely in English. I noticed that most Japanese people know English grammar very well and have rich vocabulary. They should get relaxed and practice conversation. Except that, you should go abroad for longer period. I think experiencing living abroad will help you a lot.



大阪大学 Dobromir <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

みなさん、英語を上手にしたいですか? では一緒に勉強しましょう!! 友好的な雰囲気で、面白い会話を楽しみながら、自分の英語能力をレベルアップさせましょう!英会話は簡単なことから話して行けば、誰でも覚えられますよ。頑張りましょう!!

Hello! Would you like to make your English skillful? Then, let's study with me!! Have fun! Start speaking with simple words in English. Keep up the good work!


神戸大学 Luke <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Don't be hesitate to speak English whenever you have the chance. Everybody makes mistakes, so don't be frustrated if you continue to make them even after you've been speaking English for a long time.


東京大学 Ruth <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

Don't be shy and practice speaking whenever you have a chance; from my experience, Japanese people have a good level of English Language but are very shy to speak it. Ganbatte, ne!!


九州大学 Victor <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Stress is not good in any situations learning a foreign language. It should be a stress less activity. English is a beautiful language. Please follow me! is easy, is relaxing, is effective!

ストレスは外国語を学習するどんな状況でも良くありません。それはストレスなしであるべきです。英語は美しい言語です。私についてきてください! それは簡単で、気持ち良くて、有効なものです!

オークランド大学 Zachary <英会話スカイプレッスン>

I understand that learning a foreign language can be difficult. I struggle with learning Japanese myself! The most important thing is to be interested and motivated. Study English in a way that is enjoyable for you and practice using English as much as you can. This will make learning more fun and you will learn more!

英語はむずかしいでしょう。私には日本語がむずかしいです! 英会話の勉強を楽しむほうがいいです。毎日英会話の練習をして、英語を使って下さい。それで、あなたは英語がだんだんと上手になりますよ!


神戸大学 Michael <英会話企業派遣 英会話スカイプレッスン>

I think the most important thing is to have the courage to speak to more foreigners. Practice makes perfect!


神戸大学 Nikolay <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Don't be afraid of speaking English. It is alright to make a mistake, mistakes are one of the many steps of success. Speaking is the best way to learn a new language, so don't be embarrassed and speak try to get as much practice as you could.



東京大学 Kermani <英会話企業派遣 英会話スカイプレッスン>

English is very essential at present condition. Actually it is very easy to learn English. If it is taught in an easy or enjoyable manner by learning English, we will get exposed to different cultures of the world history. We get a better understanding with different people of the world. English is a very important language to learn with better effort.


小樽商科大学 Saiin <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

I am thrilled to be in Japan, as I have always been quite interested in Japanese culture. I am enjoying my life here with my Japanese people. Although they were very shy in the beginning, you don't need much time to learn how kind and likable they are. I think learning English is not easy but they can do it.



埼玉大学 Jacky <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

I believe watching movies and listening to music is a good way to start. If you are interested in something, it makes a lot easier to remember. Reading a news paper or novel can help improve your vocabulary and singing along to your favorite song can help with your pronunciation.


東北大学 Bijeta <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

English is not my native language and I know the difficulties you have to face when you learn a foreign language. If I could do it, you can do it as well. :)



立命館 Monica <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン 英会話電話レッスン>

Learning is an exercise of the mind. I believe that should not be a goal, but a way. A way to communication with and understand other people and other cultures.


九州大学 Petra <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

I understand that English and Japanese are too different languages, and that to Japanese people especially pronunciation is a bit difficult to learn, but definitely not impossible. It just takes time and patience.



横浜国大 Patricia <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Hello everyone, Learning a foreign language is difficult, but it's not impossible. Anyone can do it and it's never too late to start! I started learning Japanese when I came to Japan and I've been studying it ever since. I have friends from all over the world and we communicate in English. English will open the door to the world for you too!


神戸大学 Jenny <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

Don't worry about accent. Just try to speak clearly without thinking too much about grammar. Don't be afraid of making mistakes.



九州大学 Rochmiyati <英会話企業派遣 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Learning English is not easy as clap your hands. But may be we can start with conversation first with other who speaks English. Then step by step learning grammar English, a little bit harder but fun.


北九州在住 Bulgar <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Open your mind and enjoy life! Speaking English is easy. So don't be shy!

心を開いて、人生を楽しんで下さい! 英会話を話すことは簡単です。だから恥ずかしがらないで下さい!


鹿児島大学 Joseph <英会話企業派遣 英会話スカイプレッスン>

English has become an international language that is very convenient now in all fields of life from business, travel, science, mass media communication to governments. It is therefore very important for Japanese also to be able to communicate fluently in English.

The best way to be able to speak fluently in any language is to practice speaking always. Many Japanese gave me this advice when I was learning the Japanese language, but they (Japanese) never seem to use this advice when it comes to learning English. They say they are either shy or they are afraid of making mistakes. It is however, impossible to be fluent from the beginning. It takes a lot of practice, and mistakes, before anything can be perfect. So, go on, don't be shy; go out and talk to somebody in English today! It should not be only to foreigners.


鹿児島大学 留学生家族 Euphemia <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

If you desire to improve your English, you need to practice constantly. Practice reading, writing, and speaking in English. So as not to forget what you learned, always review whatever you have learned the same day. Also, use what you have learned. Try to make sentences with new words, and have conversations not just with your teacher, but with other people. Try to keep a diary if possible. Make entries every day in English. You can also learn many words and expressions by watching English movies and programs. You will learn and be entertained at the same time. Most importantly, by practicing your English constantly, you will become perfect in the near future. Have fun!!



神戸大学 Mutian <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Don't hesitate if you can't speak well. You can try more and more. Learning English must be done periodically. So don't stop it for a long time without any review.


九州大学 Nick <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

The best thing is to practice more and more. Practice makes perfect!