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英会話講師メッセージ 2014年12月


岡山大学 Rodrigo <英会話企業派遣 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Rome wasn't built in one day, so be patient with learning English. In order to become good, you must be patient because it takes time and dedication. Lastly, make sure to make your learning experience something you enjoy.


京都大学 VIOLETA <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Hello everyone! I understand very well how is to struggle to study a foreign language and that is the reason I would like to help you make this journey more pleasant. Studying English can be very fun and it would be my pleasure to help you improve your English skills.



早稲田大学 Alexandra <英会話企業派遣 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Perseverance and practice are the keys to learning anything. Don't give up if words don't come up when you try to speak in English! Don't be shy to use English with any opportunity that you get, even if you make mistakes. Even native speakers make mistakes! Listen to English songs, watch English films with the subtitles first in Japanese and then in English. Before you know it, you'll be surprised to see how much your English has improved!


早稲田大学 SHAWN <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

The most important thing when learning a language, is to work very hard. I believe that nothing can be achieved without striving. So, as an advice for the people who are struggling with English, I suggest you work diligently with vocabulary, idioms, pronunciation, and special phrases. Write the words down on a sheet of paper numerous times, and try to remember as much as you can. However, just remembering words and phrases will not enable your English skills to fully improve. You must actually use these to communicate with people from other countries and people who speak English.



ブカレスト大 Diana <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>


It is my strong conviction that learning a new language needs time. While learning grammar is very helpful, it will not always bring the expected results. I advice my students to listen to as much audio material as possible. Not textbook transcripts, but songs, pod casts, stories, anything they like. The idea is to get used to the language, to how it sounds, so don't focus too much on vocabulary. Listen without paying much attention. After a while words will come to you naturally.

九州大学 Claire <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

I've taught English for more than 5 years at colleges in Switzerland , ESL schools in USA, and as private tutor in Taipei.

Please work harder for your bright dream and future!




神戸大学 Erika <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

The first thing is losing your strange feeling with foreigners-I always call it the Gaijin mode…. Then, if you feel that the other is also just another person, your memories from what your learned at school will come bubbling up. At the moment I am wrestling with this format, I really never used this before, but still I am not afraid to send it, because language is for communication Better not perfect than nothing at all. If you, my future student, tell me what you would like to do, just practicing, or learning new skills, or maybe make friends on the internet, We could pick up where you lost interest in class if you are still a student, and go on until you understand, and even like it!


大阪大学 Tasmia <英会話スカイプレッスン>

Learning a new language is fun! So take it easy! Get rid of the shyness and break the ice-- you'll see English will be simply peace a cake!

神戸大学 Erika

1. Don’t be shy. Talk in English with your friends.

2. Listen to music in English

3. Watch movies in English.

4. Try to read books in English.

5. Try to sing music in English at karaoke. It will improve your ability to speak.

1. はずかしがらないで、お友達と英語で話しましょう

2. 英語で音楽をききましょう。

3. 英語で映画を見ましょう。

4. 英語の本を読みましょう。

5. カラオケで英語の歌を歌ってください。そうすれば、会話力がアップします。


東京大学 McLaughlin <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

The most important thing to keep in mind while trying to acquire a new language is that it's alright to make mistakes. Try not to be too preoccupied by whether what you are saying is exactly grammatically correct, but just try to get used to speaking. When you stop worrying about the details, the rest will come more naturally.


九州大学 Simon <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>



When learning a language, many factors are important, but let me just mention two things that I find particularly relevant for Japanese people studying English.

(1) First, don't be afraid to make mistakes. It is natural to make mistakes and you learn by making them.

(2) Second, during conversation, you will often not know the exact word you want to say. Students often get stuck in conversation because they do not know the translation of a specific Japanese word or expression that they have in their mind. Rather than trying to find the exact translation, you should learn how to get around these situations, for instance by describing what you want to say with the words you do know. This way, you will learn how to have a fluent conversation even with a limited vocabulary.


愛媛大学 Rita <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

I've often been told that Japanese are afraid of making mistakes when speaking in a foreign language, respectively English. As a person who has experience with learning and practicing three foreign languages, I can say that the biggest mistake is that particular fear of not finding the right words or grammar to express your thoughts. My advice is to practice without being shy, because small mistakes are something we can learn from, and with time, one can definitely achieve the confidence of expressing themselves in English with the same freedom they would enjoy in their native language.


京都大学 Tonchel <英会話企業派遣 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Any language can be mastered as long as you study properly and systematically. English is not as fifficult as you may think and it is worth trying because language is a beautiful tool of communication that brings people closer.

どの言語でもちゃんと勉強すればマスターすることができます。英会話はみんなが思っているほど難しくないし、頑張ってみる価値があると思います。 言語というのは、人々をつなぐ美しいコミュニケーションツールだからです。がんばりましょうい!!!


千葉大学 Fara <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

The key in learning English is Reading, Listening and Speaking. Firstly, when you read a sentence, don't be afraid to say it out loud. READ slowly and say the words loud and clear. Secondly, try to listen to English radio or even watch an English drama. Try to LISTEN to English radio or watch an English drama. Your ears will get use to the language and able to pick up new words. Lastly, don't worry about making mistakes. What is important is that you can communicate and SPEAK what you want to say.

英語を学ぶポイントはReading, Listening およびSpeaking. この三つのポイントにより、1. 文章を読みながら、声をかけないといけない。2.英語のオーディオを聞くこと。または、英語ドラマを見ること。この方法を通して、新しい言葉を学ぶことができます。皆様がんばって!!

横浜国大 Nikolay <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

I think practice is the most important thing for people who are struggling with English, be it in the form of speaking with foreigners, reading books or watching movies. In my opinion the most useful tool for improving one's English skills is the Internet,especially sites like Wikipedia or You tube.

英語能力を高めたいという人には、練習が一番大事だと思います。毎日英語を使わないと、全然うまくならないと思います。外国人と話したり、本を読んだり、映画を見たり、特にインターネットのWikipedia や You tubeは最も役に立つサイトだと思います。