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英会話講師メッセージ 2014年09月


九州大学 Mariana <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Learning a second language is never easy, even if the grammar is alike but if we really want to learn and we study with all the dedication required, we will succeed one day. That`s for sure. Be constant, responsible and dedicated.


千葉大 Jose <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Practice, speak all you can. Reading books, newspapers, etc. Listening to songs and repeat at loud.

練習してたくさん話す。 本とか新聞など読む。音楽を聞きながら、大声で繰り返し話しすることです。


埼玉大学 Leonora <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Speaking is very important when learning a new language. In Japan it is difficult to find the opportunity to practice English because everything is in Japanese. A fun way to learn is by watching movies and listening to music in English. It is very practical and good for improving listening abilities. You can also hear and repeat the words correcting your own pronunciation. By practicing everyday you will be able to learn quickly and speak in no time!


九州在住 Lani <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Please don't give up. Learning will always be hard at first but once you get used to it and you keep on practicing, it will be as easy as ABC. Keep in mind the benefit and the usefulness it will give you in the process. Especially nowadays, the demand in English is so high that learning would really be a must.


千葉大学 Jeanette <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Learning a language comes with usage. Use the language through writing, reading, listening and speaking. For example, you can write a blog, read a novel, listen to internet news, and speak to your friends all in English! From usage you will improve. Everyone good luck! Do something you enjoy and learning will be fun!


大阪大学 Ekaterine <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

Read it, listen to it, talk it. 読んで、聞いて、話してください。


神戸大学 Luminita <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

If you want to succeed, the only way is to keep on going. No matter how many mistakes you may make at first, you have to remember that if you don't let go, you'll succeed.

電機情報大学 Zahra <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>



一ツ橋大学 Kiana <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

Try not to fear speaking up even if you think you are making mistakes. Remember that it's by making mistakes that you learn how to succeed.

Try to think in English when you want to speak in English. Translating from your mother tongue is the worst method of learning a new language.

神戸大学 Joao <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

I believe that the secret to learn any language is practice and persistence.



一ツ橋大学 Anuja <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

In my lesson, I always let my students speak more than myself so that they would get opportunity to improve themselves as they have very limited opportunities to use English in Japan. You don't need to worry even if you cannot express yourself on the first days. After all, practice makes a man perfect.


東京芸大 Hanna <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

My advice would be to find something that helps you remember, whether it be writing in colors, putting words into formulas, speaking them out loud repeatedly etc. Students should try to find their own way of learning and try to use it. Also, regular practice is the key. Try to practice as much as you can, as often learning from conversation is far more effective than reading out of a text book.


京都大学 Craig <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>


一ツ橋大学 Nak <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

English is not difficult if you are willing to learn it. The most important thing is practice and not to be afraid of making mistakes because even native speakers make mistakes. Making mistakes is the best way to learn a language.



早稲田大学 Cristina <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

Speak in English as much as you can even if you find it difficult to find your words!

Don't be shy, the best way of learning is making mistakes:)

Watch movies in English, listen to music、read newspapers, magazines on topics you are interested in and you will make progress faster than you thought.

Start writing a blog in English!



九州大学 Neuleth <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

I believe that Japanese people can somehow understand English and some can speak good English. It's just that they don't have the confidence in speaking the language and that's where the struggle comes, if they just let themselves be exposed to the language, by continually practicing their English skills, I think they will be able to overcome this struggle. Practice speaking in English, don't just memorize it in your mind, say it. Find an outlet where you can practice your English, like TECC.


横浜国大 Oana <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

皆さん、こんにちは。来日してから、もう数年間経ったのですが、ずっと素晴らしい経験がいっぱいありました。日本人の英語力をもっと上達させることを楽しんだり、国際交流に興味を持ったりしますので、みんな知り合いになって、一緒に楽しんでいきましょう。よろしくお願いします。Hello everyone. I have been living in Japan for almost two years now and it has been amazing. I enjoy making Japanese people better English speakers and I am also very interested in multi-cultural exchange experiences, so I am really looking forward to meeting you and having the best time together.

横浜国大 Mazsen <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Better not to say "difficult" but to say "will try". 「難しい」というより、「トライしてみたい」と言おう!