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英会話講師メッセージ 2015年01月


名古屋在住 Emil <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Do not pay attention to mistakes. Keep talking even others do not understand you.

Read books, watch movies without subtitles and attend my classes.


広島大学 Lia <英会話スカイプレッスン>

I believe that learning English can be fun and interesting with a good-motivated teacher!

It is easy and fast to improve your English by conversation!



東大 Tatsiana <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

If one wants to master a foreign language, it is important not to be afraid of making mistakes. Besides, one has to devote time to reading and listening to English. It can be helpful to try to imitate the pronunciation, phrases, turns of speech used by native-speakers of the English language.


名古屋大学 Ghassen <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

The key to better learning is to enjoy ourselves when we learn. There has to be a special bond between the teacher and the student and both of them should strive to make the lesson as entertaining and interesting. So let's do our best together and enjoy what we do!



京都大学 Elizabeth <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Learning English is a long and challenging process, but it is ultimately a very rewarding one. So please be patient with yourself and seize every opportunity to practice speaking. Be brave and unafraid of making mistakes it’s the only way you can truly learn the language.


米国在住 Diana <英会話スカイプレッスン>

Learning a foreign language should be a fun thing and not very long process if it's done as a teamwork and continuously: little by little every day, and if you start stick to it for a longer period of time. Teamwork means students have to work with their foreign language teachers, ask them for advice, materials, tell them what they need. We learn different languages for different purposes: your teacher can help you get where you need faster. We learn every day: a word here, an expression there. Practice: everything we learn, we use by practicing not in front of the mirror but with real people, in real situations. Language use is related to context that means memorizing lists of words makes no sense unless we know how, where and when to use them. Language is music: because you don't live in the target language, your year needs to get used to the sound of it. Do listening exercises! Watch movies in the target language, listen to radio, listen to music! Language is culture: we need to understand the customs and the way of thinking of the people that speaks the target language. Every language has strong cultural connotations. Be sure you know where you're coming from to have a clearer direction of where you're getting; you need to know what exactly you want to achieve by learning that foreign language and how, be very honest with your teacher in that sense and you will be satisfied with the results.



名古屋大学 Marques <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

If you are going to study English, do not be afraid of making mistakes, especially when practicing conversation.


名古屋大学 Nirmal <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

I am very social like to make friends with people whether it be children or adults. i am optimistic and have a quite cheerful character. I am very good at making people interested in me and make them feel free to talk about anything they like. I am very adjustable to the environment working with. If you want to improve your English, let me teach!

私は子供でも大人でも人々と友だちになれるように楽観的であり、かなり明るい性格で社会的です。私に興味を持たせるのが得意であり、遠慮なく好きな話題に関して、生徒さんに英会話を話させます。 私は調整も可能ですから、英会話をスキルアップしたいなら、ぜひ私に教えさせてください!


早稲田大学 Wei <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

1. Confidence: Any language is for communication. So do not merely focus on the grammar. Instead, believe that your conversation will be attractive even using some simple words and sentences. Actually foreigners do not care so much about grammar as we do.

2. Interest: This is the incentive for your effort. Besides learning the language itself, try to feel the culture inside of it. You certainly will find how fantastic learning a language is.

3. Perseverance: Learning language is like making friends. You should keep in touch or you will become distant. When you come to a bottle neck, don't be upset. One day you will find that you have made a great progress.

1. 自信:言葉はコミュニケーションの道具です。文法に拘りすぎず、とにかく使ってみようと思うことが大事です。実際に、ネーティブはかえって文法などに気にしないからです。簡単な単語や文章を使っても、面白い会話ができると自分自身を信じてください。



東京大学 Dulguun <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

The most efficient way of learning English as a second language is communication. We humans tend to learn something quickly by experience, for example, a child who curiously touches a hot plate learns to avoid it from then on. Just like that, when we make mistakes during communication, we can make sure not to make the same mistake later. We can also learn new words, phrases, even ways of cultural exclamations to certain situations just by listening to other people. In this era of globalization we are surrounded by foreigners and English learners. Use this chance to make friends and skill-up your English.



神戸大学 Kivi <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

I think the best way to learn a language is not being shy and trying to speak in every opportunity. Listening to music and watching movies are also good ways to learn English.


埼玉在住 Rafe <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

English is just a tool to express your feelings, desire and need and most importantly yourself. And like any other case, we might find it difficult to use this tool in the first few attempts but things are bound to get easier as the time progresses. So it is all about getting used to it and learning how to implement what you have learnt. So instead of learning English language itself, let us learn how to learn using English. Just don’t be afraid of making blunders. Because that’s what it takes to master any tool. And always remember "its never too late, its never too early".



早稲田大学 Adriana <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

I know studying any language takes time and dedication and sometimes the study may be hard, but learning a foreign language helps you becoming a different person, getting different knowledge than others, making new friends and understanding more things about the world, because “You live a new life for every new language you speak”. No matter you study it for your test, better job, travel or hobby, “Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom”. Therefore, I invite you to keep on practicing your skills in any occasion, because the “Usage of the language is the best language teacher”!


言語を学習するには時間と、それに専念することが必要で、時として困難なことです。でも、外国語を学ぶことは、他とは違った知識と新しい友人を得て、世界に関するより多くのことを理解することを通して、あなたが別の新しい人物になるための手助けをしてくれます。「新しい言語を話すことで、あなたは新しい人生を生きている」のです。テストのため、よりよい仕事のため、旅行、趣味など、その目的にかかわらず、「言語の知識は英知への入り口」です。よって、どんな場合でも、スキルアップを続けてください。なぜなら「言語を使うことこそが、 最良の言語の教師」だからです。

岡山大学 Carlos <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

Studying a foreign language is always challenging. When learning a foreign language I personally begin with grammar to understand the differences and similarities between the foreign language and my native language. However, to develop speaking ability you need practice as much as possible. Don't be afraid of making mistakes in the beginning. Remember that it is not your native language and even native speakers do make mistakes. You also need to enrich your vocabulary. Books, songs and movies are of great help in this respect. Finally you must have a strong motivation to master the language. It may be studying abroad, academic or professional career, traveling or simply making new friends. Know exactly what you want and always keep it in mind. No pain - no gain.



一ツ橋大学 Natalya

1. Set a goal -for ex.: learn 5 new words every day (as a source of words - read books or magazines in English);

2. Watch movies or TV programs in English (with Japanese subtitles), take note of the unknown words, translate and memorize them (also helps to get used to the grammar of the language;

3. try to keep a diary in English (write what happened every day in English, if you realize you can't express something because you don't know the words, find those words in a dictionary and memorize them.


名古屋大学 Katherine

Japanese people are struggling for speaking English. It is really appraisable. They have to speak with foreigners as much as they can. They have to earn four skills; listening, reading, writing, speaking. Good luck!!


名古屋大学 CESAR <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

Open your minds, exploit your curiosity and be willing to learn and share experiences with people from other places. Understanding the English language will enrich your lives, as it will open the doors to the world. Out there. Let’s study together and find out what the exciting world has to offer! 一所懸命頑張りましょう!


京都大学 Liliya <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

To become fluent in English, you need to surround yourself with an English environment that includes movies, books, music and others. In that way you will attain a natural feeling about the language. Also, when studying a language you need consistency, so I strongly recommend you to find a way to learn that you really like as a key to achieving your goal.



京都大学 Diogo <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話企業派遣>

Do not be afraid of making mistakes. We learn a lot through them. Make a lot of mistakes and you will learn English much faster.


東京大学 Nevena <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

It seems that there is only one way to become proficient in a foreign language: practice. If you would like to be able to read in English without effort, read as many diverse texts as possible: from fiction books to newspaper articles. An hour a day should be enough. If you would like to speak English fluently, talk with foreigners every time you get the chance. The topics do not matter, only the regular practice is important. You should not mind your mistakes, but the message you try to communicate. It seems better if you forget about the effort and regard speaking, reading, watching movies, and any other activity in English as entertainment and fun.

外国語をマスターするには「練習する」 以外に方法はないように思います。楽に英会話を読めるようになるには、できるだけ多くの、フィクションからニュース記事に至るまで、様々な英会話の文書を読みましょう。一日一時間で十分です。すらすらと英会話を話せるようになるには、機会がある度に外国人と話してみるようにしましょう。重要なのは話題ではなく、定期的に実践することです。間違いを気にする必要はありません。言いたいことを伝えようとすることが大切です。頑張るということを忘れてみましょう。英会話を話す・読む・英語の映画を観る等々、英会話を使うことに面白みを感じて楽しむことができると、とてもいいと思います。


九州大学留学生家族 Erinda <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

English is used widely all over the world, in Japan too. Speaking one foreign language is good, but speaking English is perfect!


ELT Kerry <英会話ホームレッスン 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Learning a language such as English is not learning a language so much as learning how people who speak English think. If you can get used to the way of an English speakers way of thinking then it is a lot easier for yourself to utilize and improve your own English. in order to achieve this, it takes patience and most of all, practice.

英会話を学ぶというのは、言語を学ぶのではなく、英語を話す人々がどう考えるかを学ぶことです。 英会話母語の人々の考え方に慣れることができるなら、あなた自身の英会話を改良、上達させるのは、はるかに簡単です。これを達成するためには忍耐と特に練習が必要です。皆様頑張って!!!