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英会話講師メッセージ 2015年04月


東京大学 Nikhil

English is a funny language. At one point you feel that it is very logical and easy to grasp, but at other point you realize that it is not so. It is full of exceptions in pronunciation and in grammar. But still, it is the most widely spoken language in the world. One should realize that there is no single English. It changes according to the place you go to. And hence, it is a fun language too. The best way to learn English is to get used to it by listening, talking and understanding it.

神戸大学 Mihaela

Nowadays, English is an international language, that enables people from all over the world to communicate and to understand each other. So, I advise you to try to learn it, and use it! Try to find a beauty of learning a foreign language like the useful English, and then feel the satisfaction of being able to convey your feelings and thoughts to every foreigner you meet. And you will love it! So, as hard as it might seem, it is better to give the best of you to speak English. Have the courage to use it every time you have the chance and be confident that you can do it!



京都大学 Akhlaghi <英会話スカイプレッスン 英会話ホームレッスン>

The English language presently has turned to be the international language of the world. Living in the 21st century, the century of information and technology, we can find the need of knowing this language increase day by day. Though learning a foreign language can be a very difficult task, but concerning the influence that knowing this language will make in our future life, should try our best to learn and use this language in our future life.

現代、英会話は外国語として、国際言語になってきました。21世紀は情報とコミュニケーションの時代と呼ばれています。 だから日ごとに英会話の必要性が増えてきたことを感じることが出来ます。確かに外国語を学ぶということは大変ですが、将来英会話ができるようになった影響を考えたら、最善を尽くして学んで、生活にこの言語を使うべきです。

大阪大学 Dennis <英会話企業派遣 英会話ホームレッスン>

More communication with foreigners, watching movies in English (without Japanese subtitles), listening to English radio, reading English novels/magazines, writing diary/essays in English to improve vocabulary.



東京学芸大 Pettersson <英会話企業派遣 英会話ホームレッスン>

Try to make studying fun by doing things you like in English, perhaps play an English version of a TV-game that you like or watch a comedy show in English. It's important to be able to look forward to studying when you are trying to learn a language.


早稲田大学 Alina <英会話スカイプレッスン 英会話ホームレッスン>

English is just a tool to express your feelings, desire and need and most importantly yourself. And like any other case, we might find it difficult to use this tool in the first few attempts but things are bound to get easier as the time progresses. So it is all about getting used to it and learning how to implement what you have learnt. So instead of learning English language itself, let us learn how to learn using English. Just don’t be afraid of making blunders. Because that’s what it takes to master any tool. And always remember "its never too late, its never too early".



東京大学 Vitor <英会話企業派遣 英会話ホームレッスン>

I always give my students two advices: have fun, and don't be afraid of making mistakes. Let me explain them. In the first place, to "have fun" means to avoid tedious grammar books and their monotonous explanations, and try your best to learn English naturally. How? Using your hobbies and interests to learn new expressions. For example, if you like movies or TV series, then watching them with English subtitles is an excellent way to learn new expressions - without worrying too much about every detail. The best way to learn is like an infant does - naturally. My second advice is about trying to overcome shyness and just try out the new expressions you have learned. Even if you make a mistake, a teacher or a friend might correct you, but that's the worst

that can happen. Once you get accustomed to this, you'll grow ever more confident!


京都芸大 Chris <英会話企業派遣 英会話ホームレッスン>

In my experience, the most important skill for any Japanese person learning English is the courage and confidence to take risks when speaking, and the ability to forgive themselves for the mistakes they will make. When studying English, it is better to try and fail, than to never try at all. It is from your mistakes that you learn the most. It is important to keep a sense of humor about your own limitations, and congratulate yourself for trying in the first place!


立命館大学 Bianca <英会話企業派遣 英会話ホームレッスン>

I believe that when one wants to learn a foreign language, in this case English, they should first of all make it a fun and enjoyable experience. They should expose themselves to different aspects of English ( in the form of listening, speaking, reading or writing practice) as much as possible.

東工大 Himasha <英会話スカイプレッスン 英会話ホームレッスン>

English can always be improved with practice. All you need is the love and interest for the language and the courage to try it out.



九州大学 Vladimir <英会話企業派遣 英会話ホームレッスン>

One should remember that English is just a matter of communication, a tool which helps you to express your ideas in a form which would be easy to understand by people of other countries. Hence one should pay more attention to speaking and listening comprehension rather than grammar.


早稲田大学 Yihe Wang <英会話企業派遣 英会話スカイプレッスン>

Study hard and make progress every day. 精一杯勉強続き、日々前に進む。英語も中国語も頑張って下さい!